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Visions from hell - Paolo Girardi. First time I laid my eyes on his work was thx to his coverart for the record Obscure Verses For The Mulitverse forged by the black metal masters Inquisition (last pic, detail). A band I like very very much.

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Today I want to show you amazing dice made and painted by RobinRed. Robin makes Dragon & Cthulhu dice in different colors. The Cthulhu ones are available in green & grey and the Dragon ones are available in bone, gold, silver and with a custom paint like green, red or blue. The dice are made from resin & are painted with acrylic paints. Robin says they are balanced, she made tests involving 200 rolls from a dice cup filled with 4 other dice.

Have a dice day!


Fuck yeah

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But I would point out that books are special, books are the way we talk to generations that have not turned up yet. The fact that we can actually, essentially communicate with the people in ancient Egypt, people in Rome and Greece, people in ancient Britain, people in New York in the 1920s who can communicate to us and change the way we think, and change the things that we believe.

Neil Gaiman

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Gustave Moreau, A Peri, 1865


Works by Godmachine.

Rob Liefeld’s MAUS

Anyone play Betrayal at House on the Hill? Well, the game is full of little cardboard chits and tokens for a nermuous amout of creatures and characters. I recently accuired a 500 piece collection of HorrorClix and I’ve decided to chop them off their bases and glue them to standard bases to use in Betrayal at House on the Hill

in place of the cardboard tokens. Pimpin it up!

Epic set up

New dice for Runebound.


Tales from the Crypt, 1964.